Abby {Tucson Newborn Baby Photographer}

I photographed Abby when she was just a few days old.  She was the best, prettiest little newborn ever.  And her brother and parents were so fun to chat with…we just had the best time.   Fast forward 7 months later…and they are now our next door neighbors.  As in right-next-door-borrow-an-egg neighbors.  When they were moving in I thought “Man, they look so familiar!”  It was really funny.  And now we call the baby Abby cakes and my boys have made a tower of sorts to see if Roman (her brother) is outside playing and “can we go over/can he come over?”   We’re working on the ”lets try not to spy on the neighbors” thing.

Anyway, right after Paige was born we did a super fast session with sweet Abby.  It went something like, “quick the baby (and Kate) are sleeping…get over here!”  I wish I could schedule all my sessions like that. ;)

Enjoy a few of Abby Cakes and her super gorgeous eyes and lashes.  Darling!  And one of her newborn pics because I just realized that they never made it on the website.

{Tucson Newborn Baby Photographer}

{Tucson Photography Studio}

Man, this little girl of mine is a top notch cutie.  I love getting her into the studio and taking some pictures.  And she loves going in there and trying on headbands, hats, clothes…you name it.   We are a match made in mother/daughter heaven.

{Tucson Child Toddler Photography Studio}

{Tucson Baby Child Photography Studio}

I love this picture.  Look at his little hands!  I can’t wait to show you more of these.


{Tucson Baby Photographer}

Asa {Tucson Baby Child Photographer}

I know I’ve been just giving glimpses of sessions here and there lately and I’m really sorry…but I’ve been so busy!  It’s a balancing act over here these days.   I’m almost booked for the year (still can’t believe it!) so please contact me if your interested in an Individual Session.  Quick!

Here are a couple of Zia.  She was in love with the pink chair and just kept pushing back and forth across the stage.  And I kept clicking the camera.  It worked out great.

{Tucson Baby Pictures}

Scarlett {Tucson Baby Child Photographer}

Scarlett is a beauty and such a pleasure to photograph!  Trust me, the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree…she looks just like her mom.   And I love all of her stuff her mom brought in especially for her cake smash!

{Tucson Cake Smash Photography Sessions}