Callum {Tucson Newborn Baby Toddler Photographer}

Here are a few from Callum’s 18 month session.  His mom needs to have at least 5 more boys and then let me take pictures of them.  He is so handsome!

Doesn’t it just kill you how boys can have an entire session around one outfit and look super adorable and cool?  They have it so easy!

{Top Baby Toddler Photographer Tucson}


Cutest Little Dude {Tucson Baby Photographer}

Man alive, this kid was cute.  All that hair and his beautiful blue eyes.  I just loved him!  5 months old and not quite sitting up…but he was so strong and held it for a second or two.  I just couldn’t believe it.  And what a chunk!  You know how I feel about chunky babies…  I love ‘em.  It basically just gives me more adorableness to photograph. ;)  His Dad brought the guitar and they loved the barnwood so we did most of the session using the barnwood stage.  It turned out perfect!

{Tucson Baby Newborn Photography Studio}

{Tucson Baby Toddler Photography Session}

I’ve taken this little guy’s pictures a few times now…but he showed off a new smile for his 12 month sessions and it was just adorable.  Look at that huge grin!  He’s just so happy he can hardly keep his eyes open.

{Top Tucson Baby Toddler Photographer}

Abby {Tucson Newborn Baby Photographer}

I photographed Abby when she was just a few days old.  She was the best, prettiest little newborn ever.  And her brother and parents were so fun to chat with…we just had the best time.   Fast forward 7 months later…and they are now our next door neighbors.  As in right-next-door-borrow-an-egg neighbors.  When they were moving in I thought “Man, they look so familiar!”  It was really funny.  And now we call the baby Abby cakes and my boys have made a tower of sorts to see if Roman (her brother) is outside playing and “can we go over/can he come over?”   We’re working on the ”lets try not to spy on the neighbors” thing.

Anyway, right after Paige was born we did a super fast session with sweet Abby.  It went something like, “quick the baby (and Kate) are sleeping…get over here!”  I wish I could schedule all my sessions like that. ;)

Enjoy a few of Abby Cakes and her super gorgeous eyes and lashes.  Darling!  And one of her newborn pics because I just realized that they never made it on the website.

{Tucson Newborn Baby Photographer}

{Tucson Photography Studio}

Man, this little girl of mine is a top notch cutie.  I love getting her into the studio and taking some pictures.  And she loves going in there and trying on headbands, hats, clothes…you name it.   We are a match made in mother/daughter heaven.

{Tucson Child Toddler Photography Studio}