Cute Kiddos {Tucson Family Child Toddler Photographer}

This session was mostly for 13 month old Sami…but when you have a couple of cute brothers standing around waiting so patiently and politely, you have a to take a couple shots of them!  How could you not?

And Sami was just as cute and sweet as she looks.  Though she got a bit silly at the end…which happens most of the time when kids realize that I just gobble that kind of stuff right up.  Being silly makes for some of the cutest pictures!

     {Tucson Family Child Pictures}

Katie {Tucson Baby Child Photography Studio}

Katie came all the way from Kentucky to have her pictures taken by me!  Okay, okay…she was already here visiting family but they still came for a session.  That’s still pretty cool, right?

And oh man, is she not the cutest little thing ever?!?!

{Tucson Baby Photographer)



Oliver and Holden {Tucson Baby Child Family Photographer}

Once again, Oliver came for pictures…except this time he brought his big brother Holden.   Oliver (2 years) kept me busy chasing him around.  Sometimes I’m reminded how grateful I am for quick focus.   And water…

More to come of these adorable little guys.   We have so many good ones from this session!

{Tucson Family Photography Studio}

{Tucson Child Baby Family Photographer}

I’ve been blessed to take maternity, newborn and now 6 month pictures for this family.  It really means a lot that people keep coming back!

I don’t normally show this many images on the website, but  a.) He was SUCH a happy baby.  b.) They brought lots of extra stuff and I always have tons of stuff.  c.) I’m really fast.  d.) They picked out SO many images for their CD so I had lots edited.

Enjoy these pictures!

This one is my favorite.  I love it!

(Tucson Photography Studio)

Gabriel and Ariel {Tucson Child Baby Pictures}

Technically this was Ariel’s 6 month session.  But when a kid as cute as Gabriel is standing around…you just have to grab him and take some pictures!  This family loves, loves, LOVES Disneyland…they grew up really close and have been so many times they know ALL the secrets to having a good time.  I’ll be picking her brain when we finally get around to going!  We have to stop having babies first…

Of course this session was way back in November and she really wanted to do a Christmas picture.  How could I resist?  The lights are done in Photoshop (after the session) so I was able to slap them on for any family that wanted them.  Sigh…you gotta love technology.

{Tucson Family Photographer}