Mason {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

This is Mason.  Cute and chubby and just perfect!  I’ll show more of this session soon.  It includes him AND his adorable big sisters.  And you know how I feel about sibling pictures…

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{Tucson Family Photography Pictures}

This is my sister and her family.  If you’ve ever been to my studio, then you know these weren’t taken there.  It is so small!  She has this amazing couch…and we really wanted to use it.  I’m really not into the whole “couch in the field” thing plus it’s just way to nice of a couch to be dumping it outside.  Eek!  We worked together on a concept and planned on taking the picture exactly where the couch was in her living room.  She has this really awesome dark, striped wall behind the couch.  We thought it would be neat to just leave all the furniture exactly where it was and take the picture.  The closer it got to the session, I was rethinking everything.  I felt like all the other elements (side tables, lamps, artwork, striped wall) would take the focus away from them.  We ended up using a 12 ft roll of Savage Backdrop Paper and just moved everything else to the other side of the room except for the couch.

We decided beforehand not to have any shoes in the picture (except Dad) and I just loved the way it turned out.  Fancy couch, gorgeous clothes and then no shoes and a modern, gritty (well, sort of) backdrop paper.  All the elements really worked together!  Casual but elegant.  Setting up the session was the longest part…and then since I knew exactly what kind of pictures she wanted, the actual time spent shooting was about 20 minutes.  The kids did so great and there were hardly any complaints or crying/whining.  (the smarties helped just a leeeetle bit!)

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Knight {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I’ve taken pictures of Knight every 3 months for a whole year.  He is getting so big!  This session wasn’t as easy as the last few…but the busier they are, the more adorable the picture when I catch it.  😉

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{Tucson Outdoor Family Photographer}

Sometimes I can be persuaded to go outdoors.  I did 3 outdoor sessions this spring and it was really refreshing to leave the studio and get outside.  Usually the sessions are for returning clients who just need something different…and I don’t want them to go anywhere else!!

I’ve taken pictures of Jack Henry so many times.  He is such a good looking little guy.  And when they wanted to do a pregnancy announcement…I jumped all over it!  I don’t really make custom cards, but they are such good clients of mine and I wanted the reveal to be perfect without being super cheesy.  She had sent me some pictures from etsy/pinterest and I knew she loved chevron and this is what we came up with.

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{Tucson Baby Photographer}

This is an older session, but I was deleting 2014 sessions (it’s sad, I hate it…but I seriously have to do it sometimes!) and really wanted to show off this super cute session.  I’m sure you’ll remember this first picture. :)  It is one of my favorites, and I want to order it for the studio.  Color?  Or black & white?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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