Sweet Birthday Girl {Tucson Cake Smash Sessions}

This session was so fun!  And right when they are totally thru with taking pictures…we pull out a cake and keep snapping away.  I love doing cake smashes in the studio.  What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

{Tucson Baby Cake Smash Sessions}

{Tucson Baby Photographer}

Oh my goodness…my website is so neglected.  I just don’t know how to get it all done!  I need an assistant to update my website .  And one to clean toilets after my boys have been in there.

I had a CRAZY fall/winter.  My camera broke right around the 1st of December, so I’ve had a rental until just recently (which is a whole other saga on getting the parts I needed) and things were a bit stressful.  I took a much needed break in January…and I feel like I’m ready to take some pictures!  It seems I can only go so long before I’m itching for some cute kiddo to come into the studio.  Of course, I have my own cute girls to take pictures of (the boys hate it and it isn’t worth the fight these days!) so I’ll post some of those soon.  Baby Paige is getting so big!

I doubt I’ll ever get caught up in showing off my sessions (I did 22 in November!) so I’ll just start with something recent.  Cute little Max.  He was a serious little guy for me!  I couldn’t get him to hardly crack a smile.  And let me tell you…I will do anything for a smile.  But Max wasn’t going for it… though I got a few smirks when he thought I wasn’t looking.

(Tucson Child Baby Photographer)

Sophia {Tucson Photography Studio}

Sophia was such a cutie pie for me!  We did so much stuff…and instead of crying when she decided she was finished, she just stopped looking at the camera.  But then we whipped out her birthday cake, and she perked right up again!  (that’s what happens when somebody gives me cake too…)

Loved this session and I love her pictures.  Enjoy!

{Tucson Birthday Cake Smash Sessions}



Katie {Tucson Baby Photographer}

Katie came back for another session!   Here’s a little peek at her session in the studio.  15 months old and such a pleasure to photograph!

{Top Tucson Baby and Child Photography Studio}

{Tucson Child Photography Studio}

This little sweetheart was a DREAM to photograph!  I could take pictures of her all day long!

{Tucson Child Photography Studio}