{Tucson’s Top Baby Photographer}

Man alive, this baby boy was a cutie!  I could have cuddled with him all day.   3 month sessions are usually shorter and we don’t get to do a ton of setups…but he proved me wrong!  He stayed so happy for such a long time.

{Tucson Baby Photography Studio}

Tegan { Tucson One Year Baby Pictures}

After Tegan’s 6 month session when she wasn’t feeling well…and really only having just a few images, I felt like we totally deserved this GREAT session.  She did so awesome for me and my camera!

{Top Tucson Baby Child Photographer}


{Tucson Newborn Baby Milestone Photographer}

It has been so fun seeing Ferris for all his important milestones during the first year.  I have truly enjoyed having him in the studio for so many sessions.  So many more to share…but just one for now!

{Tucson Baby Photography Studio}

Callum {Tucson Newborn Baby Toddler Photographer}

Here are a few from Callum’s 18 month session.  His mom needs to have at least 5 more boys and then let me take pictures of them.  He is so handsome!

Doesn’t it just kill you how boys can have an entire session around one outfit and look super adorable and cool?  They have it so easy!

{Top Baby Toddler Photographer Tucson}


Cutest Little Dude {Tucson Baby Photographer}

Man alive, this kid was cute.  All that hair and his beautiful blue eyes.  I just loved him!  5 months old and not quite sitting up…but he was so strong and held it for a second or two.  I just couldn’t believe it.  And what a chunk!  You know how I feel about chunky babies…  I love ‘em.  It basically just gives me more adorableness to photograph. ;)  His Dad brought the guitar and they loved the barnwood so we did most of the session using the barnwood stage.  It turned out perfect!

{Tucson Baby Newborn Photography Studio}