Autumn 6 months {Tucson and Oro Valley Baby Pictures}

I’m just about to start editing Autumns 1 year pictures.  Yup, I know.  These are her at 6 months…embarrassing late to the website.  I remembered how cute she was at 6 months and thought that the world must see them!  We did so many setups with her.  PLUS, family shots AND some gorgeous breastfeeding shots.  The last two pictures at the very, very end when we just thought “why not put her in one more thing?”  She didn’t hardly fuss, even at the end.  She just stopped looking at the camera.  Which is usually the way I know when I baby is finished with taking pictures.   I put a couple of those on because she just looked waaaaay to sweet in them.

Enjoy beautiful baby Autumn at 6 months.

{Tucson Family and Baby Photographer}

The Neighbors {Tucson Family Photographer}

Here’s the cute neighbors again.  It’s super hard to get Roman to sit for ANY pictures because he just wants to go play rough with the boys outside.  But we convinced him.  With candy.

I know I’ve said it before…but I’ll say it again:  I love sibling shots.  And I especially love seeing several consecutive shots or “outtakes” if you will.  Except it’s not really “outtakes”  because I think they’re perfect!

{Tucson Family Photography Studio}

{Tucson Newborn Baby Family Photography Studio

Thomas and his big sister.  I love sibling pictures with the new baby.

   {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

Peter {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

Peter.  Just a sneak peek for today.  I’m almost done editing these and then I’ll put some more up.  They include more of Peter AND his 18 month big sister.  It was a busy session, but the pictures are so sweet.

{Tucson’s Top Newborn Photographer}

{Tucson Family Baby Pictures}

My sweet Paige.   I love this little girl so much! 

{Tucson Baby Photography Studio}