Camden {Tucson Baby Toddler Photographer}

I love taking pictures of Camden.  And one of these days he might start to love it more too!  Not that you can tell from his gallery, thank goodness!

Here are just a few from his session:

{Tucson Baby Toddler Photographer}

My Own {Tucson Family Child Photographer}

Just a couple of pictures of our own little crew.   I didn’t even have to switch any heads!  (Anybody with a few kids can understand that.)   My goal this year is not to take more pictures of my kids…but to actually hang them up.  Anybody who has been to my house for a session knows that I have a hard time decorating.  (Ha!  That’s an understatement!) Lack of time AND lack of talent.

Jace (6), Trent (4), Kate (2) and Paige (4 weeks here but 5 weeks old)

{Tucson Family Photography Studio}

Scarlett {Tucson Baby Photographer}

Scarlett came back for her one year pictures, and oh my she was darling!  Those bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks…I was dying over them.  Here is a sneak peek and I’ll have some more of her session next week!

{Tucson Child Toddler Photography Studio}

Scheduling Update:  I never really took a “maternity leave”…I just slowed down a little bit and people had to wait longer for pictures.  (They told me they didn’t mind!)  I’m still not taking newborn sessions (and don’t really know if I’ll be able to start anytime soon) but I am taking older sessions. I ‘ve decided to only shoot on Saturday mornings as its best for our family right now, and they are filling up fast! If your thinking about doing a session, then please contact me and get on the calendar!  In the past, I’ve been really good about squeezing someone in last minute…but I just won’t be able to do that for awhile.  4 kids is kicking my butt!

{Tucson Baby Child Portraits}

I never did find the time to share this little sweetie’s newborn session, but here are a few from her 6 month session.  She was so adorable during pictures.  Let us do whatever we wanted and never even made a fuss!

{Tucson Baby Photographer}

Ferris – 9 months {Tucson Baby Photographer}

I love seeing Ferris every couple of months.  He seriously just gets cuter and cuter.  Those cheeks!

{Tucson Family Baby Photography Session}