Tegan – 6 months {Tucson Baby Child Photography Studio}

Okay.  Tegan was a bit tired from not feeling well and wasn’t to happy about having her picture taken.   Her mom really wanted some breastfeeding shots and of course Tegan loved that!  They turned out so gorgeous…I’ll leave the revealing up to them on those images. :)  Though it makes me wish I had some of my own with my kiddos.  They were precious.

When I saw the few that we got…I was so excited to have some smiley ones!  Of course her “pouty” face is basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, sick or not!

{Tucson Baby Child Pictures}


2013 Outdoor Fall Mini-Sessions {Tucson Family Child Photographer}

This is such a random post but I knew if I didn’t just slap some on here…I never would!  I’m missing at least 3-4 sessions, but these will have to do.  This baby in my belly doesn’t like to stay up to late these days!

Enjoy this HUGE but totally random post of just a few of my favorites.   (whatever the image number was…is how they appear)  Of course I love the random casual shots, so you’ll see lots of those.   I just love it when I capture a sweet moment filled with all the love that these families have for each other.



{Tucson Baby Child Photographer}

I am a million sessions behind in showing off my sessions…but I just had to show a couple of Ariel’s 6 month session.  What a sweetie pie.

 {Tucson Baby Child Photography Studio}

Jack Henry {Baby Toddler Child Photography Studio}

The famous Jack Henry.  Who I’ve gotten to take pictures of so many times during his first year.  I can’t believe he’s one!   Can you believe after all this time that this was my first cake smash session?  It was so fun!!   I’ll get more of this adorable session up as soon as things slow down!


{Tucson Baby Toddler Child Photography Studio}

Reese {Tucson Newborn Family Photographer}

You’ll have to excuse me for not posting at all lately!  Things get pretty crazy this time of year…and the website gets put on the back burner.  Of course, I know that’s how I get new clients so you better believe that the second that things slow down, I’ll be updating everything!

Here’s a picture that is for sure to make your day: