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Thomas and his big sister.  I love sibling pictures with the new baby.

   {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

Peter {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

Peter.  Just a sneak peek for today.  I’m almost done editing these and then I’ll put some more up.  They include more of Peter AND his 18 month big sister.  It was a busy session, but the pictures are so sweet.

{Tucson’s Top Newborn Photographer}

{Tucson Family Baby Pictures}

My sweet Paige.   I love this little girl so much! 

{Tucson Baby Photography Studio}

Garrett and Jo {Child Photography Studio}

Every once in awhile, somebody asks me to take pictures of kids that are older.  (I mean, if you consider 5 yrs and 7 yrs older…)    And I realize that I am not very funny.  Note to self:  Barking like a dog for an 18 month old does not work for a 7 year old.

Such gorgeous kiddos. (and polite and well behaved too!)

{Tucson Child Pictures}

{One Year Baby Pictures}

Oh man, this little girl was cute!  She was super shy right at the beginning, and her mom was worried that maybe she wouldn’t smile for me.  Which starts to get me worried!  I mean, someone is paying me money for cute pictures and I take that very serious!  We just slowed down the session a bit and found a few silly things that she loved.  I tend to like those gorgeous serious stares…but I love them even more when I can balance out the gallery with cheesy grins.   She brought her little lovey for a few pictures.  All my babies have pictures with a lovey…those are some of my favorites.

Enjoy these!

{Tucson Baby One Year Pictures}