{Tucson Baby Child Photography Studio}

I love this picture.  Look at his little hands!  I can’t wait to show you more of these.


{Tucson Baby Photographer}

{Tucson Baby Child Photographer}

I know I’ve been just giving glimpses of sessions here and there lately and I’m really sorry…but I’ve been so busy!  It’s a balancing act over here these days.   I’m almost booked for the year (still can’t believe it!) so please contact me if your interested in an Individual Session.  Quick!

Here are a couple of Zia.  She was in love with the pink chair and just kept pushing back and forth across the stage.  And I kept clicking the camera.  It worked out great.

{Tucson Baby Pictures}

Scarlett {Tucson Baby Child Photographer}

Scarlett is a beauty and such a pleasure to photograph!  Trust me, the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree…she looks just like her mom.   And I love all of her stuff her mom brought in especially for her cake smash!

{Tucson Cake Smash Photography Sessions}

Camden {Tucson Baby Toddler Photographer}

I love taking pictures of Camden.  And one of these days he might start to love it more too!  Not that you can tell from his gallery, thank goodness!

Here are just a few from his session:

{Tucson Baby Toddler Photographer}

My Own {Tucson Family Child Photographer}

Just a couple of pictures of our own little crew.   I didn’t even have to switch any heads!  (Anybody with a few kids can understand that.)   My goal this year is not to take more pictures of my kids…but to actually hang them up.  Anybody who has been to my house for a session knows that I have a hard time decorating.  (Ha!  That’s an understatement!) Lack of time AND lack of talent.

Jace (6), Trent (4), Kate (2) and Paige (4 weeks here but 5 weeks old)

{Tucson Family Photography Studio}